Quilting – My personal work.

MILLHOUSES COMMUNITY CHOIR. A house and a tree form the centre of this lovely Christmas quilt which was made as a ‘Round Robin’ with the ‘Quilt Time’ Group at Stannington Sheffield.


This ‘Log Cabin’ quilt was made as an almost copy of the cot quilt in the Sheffield Abbeydale Hamlet managers house. The museum quilt is made in half inch finished strips and my quilt is made in one inch finished strips. The museum ¬†quilt has a red edge and my edge is blue.
This ‘Red Work’ quilt was made as a Row Robin but I have rearranged the squares and made 3 cushions from the extra blocks. This quilt comes out as a Christmas quilt.

A Christmas quilt. Made as a ‘Round Robin’ with the ‘Quilt Time’ group at Stannington Sheffield.

A quilted satchel.

Red Work Stars with Irish Chain.







Redwork - 'Schoolhouse'.

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