2020    Continuing to meet in DORE OLD SCHOOL

at 6pm to 9pm.


COVID TIMES – we ZOOM at 6pm every Wednesday for 40 minutes.



We will have time to share ideas and work on our Phd’s – Projects half done

and our UFO’s which are Unfinished Fabric Objects.

Refreshments will be served.



Dore Quilters. 2020



8th January, meeting no. 164……………..UFO, seriously!


12th February, meeting no 165.

A challenge, accept a UFO from Barbara’s box and see what yyou could make from the fabrics, a stimulus to our creativity.

Sheila will bring her files of ideas for us to peruse.


11th March, meeting no 166.

Let us review methods of applique, needleturn, raggy, bondaweb, machine.


8th April, meeting no. 167.

A development of applique methods, mixing and combining.


13th May, meeting no. 168.

Take a serious look at matching free arm quilting with demontrations from members of the group.


10th June, meeting no 169.

Summer stitching, small projects to take away to use as relaxation. Whilst in Pensylvania I saw a lady in historical dress sit on a park bench and take from her pocket a block of patchwork which she proceeded to stitch contentedly, relaxing in the park. Could it have been someone that we now know?


8th July, meeting no. 170…………………….TBA


12th August, meeting no 171…………………


9th September, meeting no. 172……………


14th October, meeting no. 173……………..


11th November, meeting no. 174…………..


9th December, meeting no. 175………Christmas party bring an share meal.



JANUARY 9th 2019   Meeting no. 152.

The theme is ‘STRIPS’.

WE will look at ‘Log cabin’ , straight and curved. Bargello. Strippy borders. Colourways.

FEBRUARY 13th 2019  Meeting no 153.

The theme is ‘HEARTS’.Heart shaped oven glove. Small hearts applique. Hearts using                                     Trapunto which is additional thickness to the wadding to raise the                                        appliqued heart shape.

MARCH 13th 2019         Meeting no. 154.

The theme is ‘Mosaic’. We will see how to put together a mosaic picture or pattern which can be used as a basis for any small project.

APRIL 10th 2019. Meeting no. 155.

The theme is ‘ Paper piecing’, making a sailing ship block.

MAY 8th 2019.  Meeting no 156

The theme will be ‘Use of rectangles, strips and square as borders’ .

JUNE 12th. 2019    Meeting no 157.

Put together random blocks to make a picnic quilt.

JULY 17th 2019   Meeting no 158.

Fabric folding and gathering.

AUGUST 14th 2019  Meeting no 159.

SEPTEMBER 11th     Meeting no. 160. Lets try the Doo-Roo-Mah-Gey block, a Korean pattern, new to me.

OCTOBER 9th   Meeting no. 161. Let’s explore the Japanese  ZAKKA syle, aesthetic and useful items.

NOVEMBER 13th   Meeting no 162.

DECEMBER 11th   Meeting no. 163.


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